Welcome to the WayFinders Network

Jun 11, 2021·
Mark Upton
Mark Upton
· 2 min read

There is a bit to say. More so there is a lot to do. I’m not going to try to cover everything here right now…just lay down some [placeholders] to unpack in future posts.

The nub of it - the pandemic, against the backdrop of the escalating climate crisis and failing governance, has triggered a widespread awareness that we may have lost our way.

THE path, where we once strode sure-footed, is crumbling and threatening to plunge us into rough waters…

Government, Economy, Business, Health, Education, Sport, Technology - everything is up for grabs.

As we struggle to re-establish our footing and move forward it has become apparent there is no pre-defined path to follow. Yet…

it is okay to step off the path once in a while; it may even be necessary to enable our richest learning experiences

- Junaid Mubeen

In doing so we must use other means to find our way… [wayfinding] at personal, community and systemic scales is called for.

Perhaps we could start by orienting to indigeneous wisdom and custodianship?

There are many theories, models and frameworks emerging. However I sense we don’t necessarily need to just “know better”, we need to start “doing better”

Rather than another research report or glossy strategy document adorned with the latest buzzwords of complexity and systems thinking, an authentic commitment to [action learning] can provide the glue between knowing and doing better.

Humbly sharing [stories] and [“working out loud”], sign-posting for others how we acted and what we learnt as we forge new paths on our wayfinding endeavours.

Can we establish a fruitful direction of travel and go further together? I believe so.

Welcome to the WayFinders [Network].



P.S. I’ll explain how the [WayFinder Platform] can play a role in enabling some of the above in follow up posts.